Romantic Novels Your Meeting Is Good

By | March 22, 2021


“Even my mother doesn’t know what to do. She sends me every day. Today I will tell her clearly that I don’t want to go to her house in the future.” She was returning from Salma’s aunt’s house and at the same time she was cursing her aunt who used to call her every day and do all the household chores with her. Now she was cursing her aunt in her thoughts. When she saw him, she lost consciousness. A herd of goats was coming towards him from the front. Her eyes widened in fear.

The goats were also open.

As soon as she came to this thought, she began to tremble(Romantic Novels  )with fear and when she looked around for her escape, she saw the gate of a house open. He looked up again and saw a goat coming towards him. Then she let out a loud scream and entered the house with the open gate.

When will the queen of my dreams come?

When will I come?

Come on So come on

Holding a water pipe in one hand and a broom in the other, he opened the gate and was busy cleaning the gateway when a girl entered in a daze. The girl’s attention was on the outside. But when he saw the girl, he was surprised at the break of Zian’s song.

“Gee madam … who are you? And how did you get (Romantic Novels  )into someone’s house like that?” Xian swung his broom hand and started questioning the girl.

“She … she’s out?” She was pointing lightly outside.

“Yeah what’s out ??” He started peeking out of the gate as he walked.

“There’s nothing outside.” He looked at the girl in surprise and spoke.

“Aren’t you a thief? And you came in with an excuse. Nowadays, such robberies are happening anyway. First you come in with an excuse, then …” She was listening to him when she interrupted him. Fear of where, fear of where. I got angry when I heard this.

“Your mind is not bad. I see such a girl … and who are you. Call a house servant from inside … nowadays he has put his servants on his head.” That same verse had become Rehman again. Where could she hear it?

“Hello Miss … I’m not a servant, I own this house.” He was furious at her. The verse looked at him from head to toe.

Dressed in a light gray karta shalwar, he held the broom(Romantic Novels  )and pipe in his hands a little higher and rolled up his sleeves.

“Look at thatHave been One of them entered the house and called me a servant from above. Get out of here

He also needed to become a cleaning master. The wind was blowing so hard at night that it could not get rid of it. There was no one in the house, so he decided to clean it himself. But now he was cursing himself.

“Look, sir! I don’t like to break into people’s houses either, but there were so many goats outside that I got scared. She came here when your gate was open. But you called me a thief.” ۔ ” When he remembered the goats again, he spoke in a frightened tone, then Zian was surprised to see his face changing moment by moment. When Xian looked at him carefully, mischief came to his mind.

“Gee and you are afraid that the goats will eat you as their food.” He smirked at her light green clothes and the verse turned away.

“I’m leaving … and yes, they don’t leave the gate open. Thieves come in.” She knocked on the door and left.

“Easy … the gate is ours, not taken with your money.” He shouted loudly, shook his head, and went back to work.

“Where was she left?” As soon as Ayat entered the house, Amna Begum kicked him.

“Mother, you send one to this elder. She does so much work and then you are asking her to come late.” She sat on the bed in the yard next to her mother and they stared at her.

“It’s a shame that they haven’t taught you the Qur’an. Learn to respect the teacher. I used to go to school every day to listen to your complaints.” Aman took him by the hand.

“Here are the mother’s speeches.” She made a face and said that she was already angry with the boy.

“What is this mouth-watering? Let’s go and give food to my brother. How long have you been hungry?” His mother ended the argument by saying that the verse Bibi did not have to act.

“Mom … well, you could have done it yourself.” He was in a bad mood.

“It’s time to pick up a shoe.” Aman said staring at him. So she got up realizing her mother’s intentions.

“I am … I am the only one left to work. I beg you to stay right. Mom, let me get married now.” As soon as he said this, he ran towards the kitchen.

Amna Begum’s flying slippers came at his words but Ayat had run away from there in such a short time. It happened every day and the verse survived as usual today.

“Heaven !! Just grab my shoe … May Allah guide this evil child.” Amna Begum had prayed for a verse from heaven.

“Mom, she doesn’t like this rare slipper of yours … but my daily duty is to pick it up.” Janat said in disgust and slipped on her mother and went inside. Rehman Sahib and Amna Begum had four children.

The eldest daughter begs. She was married to a large family. The principal of the school where she taught liked her for her son.

Ayat-e-Rehman short of prayer … Sharp in language but so good in heart that she entered the same year and sat at home.

After that twin siblings Omar and Jannat. He was still in seventh grade.

She had a middle class family and Ayatollah Bibi had high dreams, which is why she always complained when nothing came true.

But Rehman Sahib would try to fulfill every wish of his children. And for that they worked day and night. They had a clothing store. Allah had given everything but the desires of the verse were above these things.

“What’s the matter with Amy coming so late?” He was eagerly approaching them.

Alia Begum did not answer and sat down on the sofa.

“Tell me something about yourself. Why aren’t you saying something?” He was a little upset.

“What can I tell you now? I just wasted my time going there.” She also went to the sofa and sat with Alia Begum.

“Will anyone tell me what happened in the end?” He came to them now and spoke angrily. Alia stared at him.

“You don’t create suspense any more.” He was getting angry now.

“We went there at your request, but that girl is going to show off so much. Repent.” She would touch her ears when she remembered something.

“I started asking what brand of suit do you wear? I don’t talk less than Sana Safinaz and Maria B and I still wear Sana Safinaz.” Hafsa made a face while imitating this girl and then Zian’s face hung.

“And look at the innocence of our mother John. She whispers in my ear, ‘Who is this Sana Safina whose girl this girl has come to ask for?’ Laughing, he told Zian that Zian was depressed.

“Didn’t it look like that?” He spoke softly. As if hope had been shattered.

“She looked really good, but when she spoke, she tore the shroud and spoke of Sana Safina.” He finally said jokingly. So Zian was left staring at his mother and sister.

“Well, tell me, son. Jamila (the workwoman) didn’t have to come today. Then who cleaned the gateway outside?” Alia asked him. When he asked, he suddenly remembered the skinny girl.

“Amy, it was just so much dirt that I didn’t see it. I cleaned it myself.” He got up and walked towards the room, but she too shrugged.